Papa the Stock Farmer
Papa the Stock Farmer

Joe the Fisherman

Joe the Fisherman lives next door.  A great strong man with a cheeky grin, Joe has fished for prawns all his life, just like his father before him. Joe the Fisherman tells of Joe’s life aboard and the pros and cons of being at sea.  Like many of the local creel fishermen, they fish using sustainable techniques. Joe tells the girls how they try to protect the prawns of the future, how to prepare bait and how to stop catching crabs in their lobster pots!


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“Really detailed and informative books. There is fun, humour and a wonderful sense of place too.”

Dr Ken Greig, Rector, Hutchesons’ Grammar School.

The Legend of the Mo Run

Listen to 'The Legend of the Mo Run', Joe's father's old fishing boat, narrated by Joe. The sound is fairly quiet as recorded, with Joe chatting to friends around the table.

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