Papa the Stock Farmer
Papa the Stock Farmer

Papa the Stock Farmer

Papa the Stockfarmer calls the children one morning to ask for help moving the cattle and the girls embark on an adventure where things don’t exactly go as planned! During their work on the farm they learn about the difference between high and low ground farming, how to make silage so that the animals have food in the winter, how the cattle ‘poo’ can improve the ground and try to save a baby calf!


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“To say that I was totally enamoured by the ‘What do’ series is something of an understatement. I always feel that the ultimate test lies in how one’s own children treat such reading materials. When I asked them, if they were enjoying the books, they were unequivocal in their praise of them. In fact our daughter even lent ‘Papa’ to next door’s children but popped back within three days to request its immediate return! On such evidence, I have to state that Mairi McLellan, the author, has managed to achieve a level of literary ‘magic’ that perhaps only the good Dr Seuss (Theodore Geisel) might have mastered many years earlier than she.”
Iain P W Robertson, Pocketful of Rye.

Highland calves playing.

Ava, Skye and Gracie think the Highland calves are just about the cutest things they have ever seen!  They are like cosy bundles of fluffy fur and love to play and jump around the field.  That is, except for one which is poorly.  Papa and the girls help to try to save the little calf who was born at the wrong time of year...

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