Sean the Actor

Sean the Actor visits Badaneel for the screening of his latest film.  Before he heads off to meet and greet the guests, he spends some time with the Mackenzie girls educating them on the pros and cons of acting. He has them in stitches with different accents, talks about the enjoyable, yet unpredictable nature of acting life and explains why you must never look at the camera!


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“Despite being educational, McLellan manages to retain a sense of humour throughout the book, making it enjoyable and easy to read as well as informative. Sean the Actor is a valuable addition both to Mairi McLellan’s well thought-out series, and to children’s non-fiction writing in general, providing an entertaining and educational guide to the life and career path of an actor. One thing’s for certain; if this book is anything to go by, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.”
Edinburgh Book Review, Ruth de la Haye

Sean the Actor

Sean Maguire is Irish, brought up in London and lives in LA.  Despite being rather famous, handsome and a fabulous actor, he is incredibly down to earth and an exceptionally lovely chap.


Having been in acting since he was five years old, he has played all sorts of different characters in a wide array of film and TV programmes, ranging from Grange Hill to Meet the Spartans ad Songs for Amy

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