Papa the Stock Farmer
Papa the Stock Farmer

Children's reviews

Coldstream Primary School, Scottish Borders

Primary 4 (Review of Papa the stockfarmer)

In the words of the children:


  • good vocabulary
  • interesting facts about farming
  • good humour to connect with the class
  • good facts if you want to be a farmer
  • true story makes it more interesting
  • Good pictures
  • Good cliffhangers to keep your interest
  • exciting
  • you want to read on to find out what happens next
  • I wanted more so I want you to write more

"These are great.  Can you do one about spacemen?"


Ewan - Port Glasgow

(What is it about spacemen?! This is the 2nd request! - Mairi)

"I loved it!  It's a really cool book. When is the farmer one going to be finished?"

Christopher, Highlands, age 12

"I really liked it.  Could I read the next one when it's finished?"

Maggie, Inverness, age 9

"I really like the photos and the books are really cool.  Are you going to do more?"

Ross, Fife, age 8

"Can you do a book on a spaceman?  That would be a really good idea"

Ella, Highlands, age 6

"I love them, they're really good.  Are you still catching crabs in your lobster pots?  Have you made the bait smelly enough yet? Will you send me the other books when you're finished please?"

Eilean, Fife, Age 10

“When I first looked at them I thought they looked a bit school like, they look like something that you would see at school  but when I read them I enjoyed the style of them. It’s almost telling a story whilst you’re learning. The covers make me feel that I would read them but I didn’t know what to expect. I particularly wanted to read Papa the Stock Farmer because there is a picture of a cow on the front and I love animals.  It’s about three kids Ava, Skye and Gracie learning about different jobs. I did feel that I knew a lot more about the jobs when I finished. The pictures are good and really help to tell the story. I would be interested to read the others in the series.
Kendra, Age 9, Mid-Bedfordshire (wants to be an astronomer)

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